Original Astrid Shelters (hides)

As a meadow bird photographer I have gained a lot of experience in developing the ideal hide.
In the 25 years that I have been photographing, I have been able to try out different homemade shelters.

I would like to share that experience with you. Below are a variety of different types of hides that I can make especially for you.

Camouflage 'burka'

Is a thin cotton camouflage canvas (3m x 2.50m). There is a gauze for your eyes and a hole for your lens.
You can close the hole with a cord.
When you sit on a small stool, you are completely covered and blend into the landscape.
Because everyone photographs in a different environments, you can choose from different camouflage prints;
Forest print contains many greens and a bit dark brown. (standard  army camouflage colour)
Dune reed print is sand-coloured, light green and dark brown.
Desert print is two colours, light and dark brown, ideal for the dunes and desert.
Snow print is two-colour light and dark gray and white.

Many photographers would like a matching case for their telelens, so that it does not stand out.
The 'Burka' weighs about 1200 grams and is therefore easy to carry in your photo bag when travelling.

Please specify which colour you would like (subject to availability).
A storage bag is also supplied.

Shelter (wood)

Hand-made and water-resistant plywood, very solid in quality. They can be made in any size, but 120cmx120cmx120cm is the most common.
The shelter can comfortably seat two people.

Shelter (fabric)

Are made of sturdy camouflage cotton / canvas and have a metal frame that can be put together quickly. You put the frame in the ground and the loops and pegs provide more stability. They can easily stand in the field for weeks.

The most common size is 125cmx125cmx125cm, but if you have special requirements, you can request it.
This cabin is made in such a way that you can sit on a (director) chair with two people.

The peepholes and lens holes can be closed individually and on the inside there are storage bags for lunch or lenses. In the back is the opening that closes with a sturdy zipper.
A slot can also be made where the third foot of the tripod can go out, this saves more space.
A storage bag is supplied for the metal frame and the tent.
You can also choose your own camouflage print.

Are you interested in the 'Original Astrid' products? Then ask for more information. The prices depends on your requirements.






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