Lectures about meadow birds.

Astrid Kant, meadow bird protector in her heart and soul takes you into the world of meadow birds. For many years she has been photographing from her homemade bird hide the secret life of the meadow birds in the spring. The many unique photos actual tell the story. The aspect of protecting these beautiful birds is discussed in detail. Our meadow birds in Holland are currently not doing well. Astrid therefore finds it important to focus attention about the protection of meadow birds in her lectures. Astrid takes her projector, laptop and big screen with her. She has composed the following lectures for you:

Meadow birds in general: 

In this lecture all Dutch meadow birds will be discussed. From the moment they arrive in the Netherlands in the spring until the time of departure to the south in winter, their behavior is recorded. How do they behave in groups in March and what happens before the egg laying in April? How do you recognise and protect the chicks in May? In short an interesting lecture for those who want to know more about the breeding behavior of our meadow birds. Duration of the lecture: approx. 2 hours (incl. 15 min. Break)

Meadow bird chicks:

In addition to nest protection, the protection of the chicks is the most important, but also the most difficult place. The deterioration of the meadow birds is mainly caused by the fact that too few chicks grow. In this lecture you will not only learn to recognise the different meadow bird chicks, but especially their differences in lifestyle. If you understand how they live, the protections of the chicks will become a lot easier. It is really possible to combine modern agriculture with chick protection! Duration of the lecture: about 2 hours (incl. 15 minutes break)

The godwit up close

Much has been written about the Godwit in recent years. Because of it's beautiful appearance and striking way of life, it is not called "king of meadow birds" for nothing. This king of the countryside is rapidly declining. In this lecture the godwit is discussed in all its facets. The migration, its  breeding behavior, its chicks and of course their protection get all the attention. It must be possible to stop the decline of the godwit. In short, a lecture for everyone who cares about godwits.
Duration of the lecture: around 1.5 hours (incl. 15 minutes break)

Godwit Ronald, a success story from the Vijfheerenlanden. NEW !!

This lecture is a short, positive story about a special godwit called Ronald, who had never seen a chick come out of the egg until six years ago. A great cooperation between farmer and volunteer started. Godwit Ronald is now breeding in an herb-rich pasture, which is not mown until 8 June. He and his wife now have every chance to allow their chicks to grow successfully! His ringed offspring have already been spotted in Portugal. Ronald symbolizes the fate of the other godwits in the Netherlands!
This short lecture lasts about 30 minutes.

If you are interested in the above lectures, please contact Astrid Kant for further information.





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